Television Crewing Services

Need a mobile television crew for your next remote production? T.P.S. is your best crewing solution in the United States. We maintain an extensive national database of qualified mobile television technicians including:
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Technical Managers
  • Technical Directors
  • Graphics Operators
  • Graphics Assistant (A.P.)
  • Audio Engineers (A1)
  • Audio Assistants (A2)
  • Video Shaders
  • Camera Operators
  • EVS RO Operators
  • Lead EVS Operators
  • Stage Managers
  • Assistant Directors
  • Clock & Score Operators
  • Utilities (Cable pullers)
  • Runners/P.A.s

Keys to our Success

With a detailed database of almost every qualified mobile television freelancer, T.P.S. has excellent depth of available crews, especially on days when there are numerous projects in production. This database is not just a list of names and numbers, but a detailed, accurate, technical file. Each file includes all contact information, qualified references, and an extensive experience section including the types of sporting, entertainment and corporate events a freelancer has worked and for whom. Remote productions are now more demanding. It is important to match each operator's experience and skills with the project's equipment and requirements. Among several criteria, T.P.S. continuously tracks:
  • Which T.D.s know the GVG Kalypso, Kayak, Kayenne, and Sony 8000/9000 switchers.
  • Which Graphics Ops know the Chyron Duet, VizRT and Pinnacle Deko systems.
  • Which Audio Engineers know the latest digital audio consoles.
  • Which cameramen operate studio, handheld, robotic, and pedestal type cameras.
Maintaining accurate information is only half of the battle. Applying the knowledge is equally as important. We have developed a very efficient system for identifying the most qualified available freelancers in the market, confirming each operator, and disseminating the production information to each technician. Effective communication is the key to insure that every single operator receives the correct information in a timely manner. After each event, we follow up with the client to get a rating on each operator which goes into their technical file.

Numerous broadcasters such as ABC, ESPN, PBS, Turner, Fox Sports Net, Comcast Sports Net, as well as other mobile production truck companies and independent producers employ our crewing services. We are committed to providing our clients with the very best available technicians, and as a result we have developed a reputation as a cost-effective, organized crewing service that can successfully manage the manpower resources of any remote production.

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